ANPR Surveillance Helicopter Tested

ANPR Surveillance Helicopter Tested: "Within the U.S., two cities are using the technology in a device called 'Bootfinder' to identify and tow vehicles with unpaid parking tickets or even overdue library books. One woman's car in Connecticut was towed out of her driveway because she had $85 in unpaid parking tickets. Legislation is pending in Texas to allow the use of RFID to scan and ticket passing motorists who have expired automobile insurance."

Crypto-Gram: May 15, 2005

Crypto-Gram: May 15, 2005: "The United States will get a national ID card. The REAL ID Act establishes uniform standards for state driver's licenses, to go into effect in three years, effectively creating a national ID card. It's a bad idea, and is going to make us all less safe. It's also very expensive. And it all happened without any serious debate in Congress."


Skype - The whole world can talk for free.

Skype - The whole world can talk for free.

Skype just made all calls free. Previously you had to buy credits which were already very inexpensive. I wondered what eBay was going to do with Skype :)

So, to reiterate. Anyone in the US or Canada can download skype for free, register for free, and CALL for free to anyone in the United States or Canada for the rest of the year.

This is likely a market test to see what happens. However, we might be looking at the new "gMail for phones", brought to you by skype and ebay...


Be a film producer for $1



The Goog-le domain is up for sale on eBay !

The goog-le.com is up for sale on eBay. I know the guy who owns this domain personally. He's a very, very cool guy who I'm sure could really use some traffic and bids. Can I get the digg community to generate some interest, please ?
Plus, that's GOT to be a great name to register. Who knows, maybe google will see it and make a decent offer :)

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'World's oldest person' turns 128 - Americas - MSNBC.com

'World's oldest person' turns 128 - Americas - MSNBC.com: "SAN AGUSTIN, El Salvador - Friends and relatives of Cruz Hernandez’s gathered Wednesday to celebrate her 128th birthday, a milestone that might make her the world’s oldest person.

Hernandez, who relatives say spends most of her time dozing and no longer speaks, was surrounded by some 200 people at her party, some bearing a cake and others dressed as Salvadoran mythological heroes.

According to national records, Hernandez was born on May 3, 1878, in one of the country’s central provinces, where she gave birth to 13 children. She now has 60 grandchildren, 80 great-grandchildren and 25 great-great grandchildren."