welcome to the evolution

take a big pair of headphones
and embed two microphones
one on each ear pointing
out 180 away from the speakers.

pointing forward
and backwards
place 4 high resolution cameras

make it wireless
with a wireless link
to the wireless internet

wirelessly connect
an ipod with
a 16 gigabyte solid state system

continuous streaming internet feed
with solid state storage
with build int web site
on ipv6

reality injection
into the social network
of your choice

sunglasses (black for good contrast)
extend forward
allowing viewing
of what the cameras see
both ahead and behind,

microphones can be heard
in the speakers...

along with your favorite music,
which of course becomes the sound track
not just for the person wearing such
a point of view system,

but also for the people observing
the audio/video stream
coming live from the internet

the name ? "awmr"

that would be what my point of view would be called,
short for "A William Miller Rawls"

want the blue pill ?
-- welcome to the evolution

want the red pill ?
-- welcome to the meatrix, leo
---- www.meatrix.com

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