The Butterfly Speaks

I currently see two possibilities for the cause of the tsunami. I came to these conclusions on my own then went out and found the following pages which appear to support, debate, deny, or add weight to these thoughts I choose to direct to my family and friends.

1) Asteroid causes Indian tsunami while causing massive tidal force shifts via gravity waves while slingshoting around Earth along or across the tectonic plates:
Orbit Simulation

2) A solar mass emmision released at that moment (2004-12-26 00:58:53) translated into gravity waves which, among other things, caused the earthquake leading to the tsunami. If this forcast is correct, then it is possible solar winds mau be building as we pass through the solar wake of a solar wind storm that cannot be observed until it hits.

If two is correct, it may be wise to turn off your computers for the next few hours or days. Perhaps this is the reason our computers have been acting up these last few days. I know mine have. :)

Of course, I am almost certainly wrong. I simply choose to be open to the truth that everything in this univers is connected to everything else and that the wise observer of the butterfly effect learns to watch out when a butterfly beats it's wings.

I welcome discussion, debate, alternatives, etc.

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