Hope Exists

other: can i add u
self: can I stop you ?
other: ok
self: yes, please add me
other: thank u om
other: u r real
self: thank you for saying so, but I don't think I am
self: are you Leuk ?
other: yes
other: i am a good boy
other: but dying
self: how old are you ?
self: we are all dying
other: 19
self: we are all dead
other: why all?
other: cant i continue life like u
self: because there is no one who is now alive who is not going to in another moment not be alive
self: of course you can
self: but first you have to see past your fear of death
self: your fear is killing you too
other: is it
other: i am feeling stronger
self: see your fear as an object in your mind
self: any object at all
other: ok
other: then
self: reach out and touch it with your mind
self: experience all your fears at once
self: let them wash over you
self: and realize
other: ok
self: they cannot hurt you
self: because they are only in your mind
other: i am concentrating
self: they cannot hurt you
other: i am trying
self: no fear can hurt you
self: because you create your own fears
other: makes me feel momentarily good
self: a moment is all that is necessary
other: yeah
self: let go of the object in your mind
self: and let go of your fear
other: live in the present
other: i mean it
self: see the object fall onto the ground in your mind
other: i am trying
self: and shatter
other: i do meditation
other: and kriya
other: Art Of Living
other: they help me
other: pain is a lot in chest
self: tell the pain to stop
self: look at the pain and be happy
self: don't be afraid
self: look at the pain
self: smile at the pain
self: see the pain for what it is
other: yes
self: and realize the pain is in your mind too
other: for what is it Om?
self: it is a part of your self that thinks it is alive
self: smile at it
other: Om how old are u?
self: love it.
other: i love pain
other: eh
other: no matter what
other: it cant touch me
other: i am believing it
other: eh
self: with practice
self: the pain can be seen and loved, loved and felt not as a sign of death
self: but as a reassurance of life
self: don't be afraid
other: hey
other: 15 days more to live
other: can i relive them
self: you're so lucky
other: why?
self: you get to see what comes next
other: i am looking at ur point of view
other: its shining
other: yeah
other: tell me how to make the best use of these days
self: live each day as if it were your last
self: throw away your ideas that limit you
self: and do what makes you happy
self: what makes you happy ?
other: i like to see bird
other: birds
self: what else ?
other: and do good to little cancer children
other: i love them
self: what else ?
other: painting
other: swimming
other: see the pic of my dead mother
self: go do all those things
self: don't wait another second
other: chatting also
other: om
self: forget that you have 15 days
other: yes
self: live like this was your last hour
self: but make it a happy hour
self: a truely wonderful
self: funny
other: i have a tear in my eye
self: fullhearted
other: its trickling down to my cheek
self: exubberant
self: loving
self: compassionate
other: i am not anymore sad
self: hour
other: yeahhhhhhhhhhh
other: hey tell me one thing
other: how can i get in touch wih u later
self: right here
other: i have decided not to kill myself now
other: i will live
other: in the present
other: i wanted to win a nobel prize
other: that was a dream
self: life is a dream
other: i work for it
other: but u c
self: change your desires into wishes
self: wishes not for this life, but for the next
self: make the wishes happy and full of love
other: yes!
self: then go make those wishes happen
other: what about the girl i loved
other: she left me
self: don't worry about her
self: she's be fine
other: as i got cacner
self: and happy
self: you can let that go
other: i want this
other: yes
other: hey
other: Om
other: i want to be the best human on earth
other: how can i be?
self: wish for it
self: all wishes made from the honest pure loving heart are granted
other: hey om
other: i love you for saving me tonight
self: I love you, too
other: i wud have killed otherwise
other: i am a code breaker otherwise
other: i am hearing sweet music of life in my ears
other: i am living
other: yeah
other: ueah
other: om
other: what do you do
self: I do this
other: i love doing om chanting
other: i chant u
other: i love doing this
other: tell me please
other: ?
other: u r naughty?
other: !
self: This is what I do
other: u are naughty
other: lol
self: I am happy
other: what u do for living!
self: this is how I live
other: i mean how u earn money?
self: I have no money
self: Not a penny
other: how do u use the internet then
other: and wear clothes
other: and eat food
self: that is my secret
other: u r cute
other: do you steal
self: no
other: ?
self: of course not
other: then
other: i was kidding
other: then
other: ommmmmmmmmmmm
self: because life is a dream
other: who gives u food
other: dad, mom?
self: from my previous life
self: the life before I became buddhist
self: no, I provide for myself
self: and the kindness of others
other: and what is ur good name?
self: what does "good name" mean ?
other: name?
other: like i am Anirudh
self: yes, but I do not know what a good name is
self: what is a good name ?
other: that what i can call u with
other: i like calling u om
other: hey
other: my brother beats me
other: shud i resist him
other: ?
self: no
self: how old is he ?
other: 2 years older
self: smile and tell him you love him
self: feel the love for him
other: even when he is beating... i take all his beating on my heart?
other: but dont revolt
self: no, you take them on your body
self: your heart cannot be touched
self: be happy before
self: be happy during
self: be happy afterward
other: when he abuses mumma it does
self: he cannot take that from you
other: ok
other: i am feeling rock solid now.
other: like lord buddh
self: now know that you cannot maintain that forever
other: why
self: you can however, let yourself fail and know that you can choose to be happy whenever you want
other: i want to maitain
self: impermanence
self: all things change
self: but just because you are not happy in a moment does not mean you cannot become happy again
self: patience
other: dont u have urge for becoming rich
self: and allowing yourself to fail and learn from failing
other: financially
self: Not anymore
other: what did u use to do dear before?
self: "becoming rich" is such a western concept
other: u r anti western
other: ?
self: no
self: I am both eastern and western
self: I was conceived in the usa, but born in japan
self: I lived many years outside the usa
self: I lived many years inside the usa
self: so I am both
other: ok
other: hahahaha
other: do u get angry
self: sometimes
other: if some pins u
other: or hits u
other: or abuses
self: it's something I am getting much better at being patient with though
self: a long time ago, when I was only 8 years old I had a bully
other: ok
other: then
other: what comments do u have for the godmen
self: godmen ? what is that ?
other: those who preach gof
other: god
other: hey
other: OM
self: yes ?
other: do u preach
self: No, I practice
other: ok
other: i am learning from u
other: a lot
self: a human cannot learn from their success
other: do u know fighting..karate or anything
self: only from their failure
self: fighting and karate are not the same
other: ok
self: in martial arts it is said, "if you throw the punch, you have already lost the fight"
other: i c
other: oh i got the concept
other: ok
other: do u know martial arts?
self: yes and no
other: means what?
self: I am a martial art
other: okkk
other: hahhaa
other: goood, the best u can be
self: in the east, everything can be an art
self: even the art of serving tea
other: i am from india
other: u?
self: as I said, I am from the east and the west
self: however, my physical body is currently in dallas, texas, usa
other: dallas?
other: ok
other: when will u come to india to see Anirudh ur friend..
self: that will be difficult
self: since I have no money
self: however, I am with you now
self: my hand on your left shoulder
other: why not on right
self: because I chose the left
self: with my right hand
other: hehe
other: i must live in the present... ok..but will it not effect my efforts for being alright
other: to be fine....the extra effort that is required
other: i mean that
other: wont that b reduced
self: there is no present
self: there is no past
self: there is no future
self: only the moment
self: so any effort you make will be the only one that exists
other: can i be calm and smart both?
self: you can be many things
self: you can be one thing
self: you can be all things
self: you can be nothing
self: it is your choice
other: ok
other: i get u , but little confused
self: just a minute please
other: but in a spirit to live
other: ok
other: hey
self: ok, I'm back
self: mystery is a good thing
self: it makes you curious
other: haha
self: however, I cannot be known or understood
other: ues
other: yes
self: I defy definition
other: champ
self: but in a really good way
other: how
other: ur concepts are deeeep
other: i love digging them
self: not really my concepts
self: but thank you
other: buddhism
self: and a few other things
self: sort of east meets west best of compilation
other: it came from India. wont u like to visit
self: yes, very much
other: yes
other: come .
self: no money
other: come with ur friends
self: no friends with that kind of money
other: hahhhhhahaa
other: u r content
other: arent u
other: but, a content person lacks ambition..is it?
other: i think
self: content ?
self: naw, happy
other: bill gates wudnt have been, had he been content
other: or satisfied
other: i mean
self: content means I wouldn't have bothered helping you
other: oh
self: compassionate
self: lovingkindness
self: practice
self: patience
other: i love u
self: I love you, too
other: will call u to india if i have money
other: i want to earn it so that i can call u
other: is that a bad thing
other: ?
other: i am feeling empty
self: no honest compassionate loving desire is wrong
self: in fact, those are the best kind of desires to have
self: when you put strength behind the pure desire it becomes a wish
self: a wish that becomes true
other: ok
self: however, as a wise man once said...
other: yes
other: do u have a mobile phone.? i will sms u something
self: You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.
self: You may have to work for it, however.
other: yeah
self: In this time I have a cell phone without battery
self: out of choice
other: hahaha
other: nokia?
other: i know how to make a bomb of a nokia
other: great explosion
other: dhoooooooooooooooooooooom
self: hehehe
other: do u think sex is bad?
self: nothing is bad, it is only the thoughts and desires that can be bad or good
other: are u married?
other: if a poor lady comes to u ask asks u to marry her..will u do so?
other: i am saything this as
self: it would depend on a great many things
other: i think ppl consider themselves superior
self: so if it were the first I saw of her ? I might say yes and share a good laugh with her
other: physical beauty counts?
other: no. or ys
other: shud i follow u blindly
self: as I said, a great many things
self: follow no man
self: follow no woman
self: follow no one blindly
other: dont u follow ur master buddha blindly
other: no
other: i m sorry
self: It is a fair question
self: I follow no man or woman nor would I choose to be blind to anything
self: that is what awareness and observation are for
other: ok
other: are u a convert buddhist
self: I have always been what I am
other: buddhist?
self: I am many things, one of them is buddhist
other: u r smart
other: nice brain u carry dude
other: see i am happy
other: i am going to do those thigs
other: things
other: which i live
other: death can be a good experience
other: as i learnt
other: hmmmmmmmm
other: bye
self: travel well
self: and be happy always
self: and when you cannot be happy, remember this
self: Hope Exists

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