240 blog posts in 50 hours

Well, It's been about 50 hours since I began logging all the katrina related URLs posted on the various #interdictor IRC channels and I stop to check. I've posted 241 posts in just over 50 hours. There were many more links which, after I checked them out, were either not related to Katrina or duplicates. What a 2 day run. That's about 5 blog entries an hour. Blogger challenged me 2 times in that time to insure I wasn't a spammer (which I thought was funny).

Anyway. Just taking stock.

In summary, things were REALLY bad this last week, but the last 24 hours have been nothing like the first 24 hours, so things are clearly getting better, relative to the absolute hell that has been going on.

I hope everyone reading these blog entries understand that well over 200 people contributed these links, I was just blogging them as quickly as I could see and verify they were 'on topic'.

I believe I can honestly call myself a blogger now. All you bloggers out there who call this old hat, my hat is off to you.

... Ok, back to work.

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