Help Rescue Officials Locate Survivors

As many
of you have likely observed, the national media outlets are suggesting
that hurricane relief is finally leading to vast improvements with each
hour that passes. Food and water are being delivered, power restored,
levees repaired, water drainage plans developed, and those still living
successfully evacuated. Many are reporting that the final areas are
being checked for survivors, as well as those who have passed at the
hands of Katrina (and more often, neglect). Unfortunately, this is not
the case. As demonstrated on nola.com's blog section, many individuals
know the exact locations and WORKING telephone numbers of family
members, most of whom are elderly, sickly, starving, and in serious
need of medical attention. When able to get through on emergency
telephone numbers, a feat not to be taken lightly, they are dismissed
or told that dispatch would be sent immediately, yet no one has come,
even though calls have been placed for days. Many do not require full
evacuation, but basic medical attention and/or supplies. Many are
completely immobile, and unable to access the limited relief sites or
food drops.

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