CNN - Katrina Help Center

As government officials coordinate the efforts to rescue people still trapped in the flooded city of New Orleans and evacuate thousands of displaced residents living in desperate conditions, here is a list of links where you can share information and send help.

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Anonymous said...

I hope everyone just hope that loved r safe. And get out till it's able to get around safe ... Being away from your home has to be very hard.. But safety and everyones well is whats inportant.Let s clean the streets and get the people out of there homes... we need to understand that race has nothing to do with the fact that we had a nature dastaer happen ... Why everyone dealing With Katrina has lots so much... We need to grow as americans and lend a helping hand what if that was you and your family you would like other american peolpe to exteand help... Let sstand to the fredoom that we love so much..