Disjointed thoughts on the socio-economics of disaster

Look at the reporters who are 'incensed' by the rampant looting. Look at the smugness from those distant from the situation who chastise the dumb southerners for not evacuating when they had the chance. It blows their minds how many idiots stayed to wait it out. It makes them shake their heads and make 'tsk-tsk' noises into their shiny microphones.

Well, fuck the lot of them.

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Anonymous said...

I understand that you are mad at people who say you should have gone. But Iam one of them I have three boys and never would I have put them in that!! I would have wallked to a shelter that was not in town! What really gets me is the mayor said leave so in the picture of like 100 buses under water why did they not fill them up and take people out before the storm came?? They knew it was going to be really bad they had 3 days notice!! I can't understand why that was not done...