frankenstien: Ream me in the rear! I'll take three!

...About six in the morning, the windows got ripped out of the hotel room we were in. After watching giant chuncks of tin get blown around the streets, Levi and I spent the rest of the morning sleeping in the bathroom. Window free, see. Smart. Ish.

Aftermath monday, we all chipped in. Got food and water around the neighbourhood, got the jukebox and cigarette machine hooked up to car batteries, and just handed out beer. The Quarter was only destroyed, not flooded, so we were sitting pretty.

It stopped being funny when the sun went down. It was pitch black on the streets, and you could hear gunfire, not far away. Rumours kept coming in of cops looting, people getting shot, armies of jumkies closing on the hospitals. It was a nervous night...

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